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The Promotion

“The Promotion” by Lisa Goggin (<-----the woman in the cubicle next to me)

I was a human in my former life, a very good human,

and , thus, I was promoted to a dog.

I had a difficult life as a human, I worked in a cubicle all day and

was given too much work and a supervisor with unreasonable expectations.

But though my cubicle looked out onto a dreary city street filled with other high-rise buildings,

I kept a positive and pleasant outlook on life.

I treated my co-workers fairly and with compassion.

I started each day with a smile and a pleasant “Hello – how are you” that I really meant.

Each day my greeting was met with either “I’m well – Thank you” or

silence from those who could not understand my sincerity.

I worked hard to help my team and co-workers meet our deadlines and

made it a point to try to do all that was asked of me by my supervisor.

As the years went by, I aged and grew tired but, the work

and supervisors kept demanding more of me.

I did my best to meet their demands even though cost-cutting concepts

took many of the necessary or best tools for my job away.

I woke up each morning to see myself looking more drained

and the dark circles under my eyes getting deeper.

Through this I smiled at my fellow employees, wished them good morning

and good night and a safe journey home.

I loved my family and pets, and they returned this love to me,

making my daily routine at work tolerable.

I looked forward to my retirement when I could spend more time with my family,

doing the things I loved and trying to make the world a better place.

I finally died one morning after years of neglect to my body and health...

And was re-born, into “retirement” as a loved dog, who is greeted each morning,

by her “owners” with hugs, scratches and affectionate petting.

My new family feeds me, grooms me, takes me for walks and lets me sleep on their bed.

Now I get to sleep any time I want, and can go for a brisk run (usually following a squirrel or cat)

whenever I wish and I have lots of toys to play with!

My only job now is to guard the house all day and wait for my family to greet me with joy in the evenings

when they come home from their cubicles, in the dreary high-rises downtown.

I am overjoyed to see them and I dance to show them how much I love them for

sharing themselves with me.

I love being promoted to being a dog!

Happy Birthday

to the fabulous mystfemme 

She is most awesome.

Say what?

Yes, I'm still here.  I've neglected you...poor LJ.

I plan to post my detailed trip journal.  It's full of adventure, mystery...and yes, Dengue fever.

Love to you all :)



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